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How To Wear Denim Like An Absolute Boss This Season

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

On a mission to make crooning cool again, singer Marlon Williams shows us how to nail his unofficial uniform.

Self-contradictory, evasive and skin-tight– Marlon Williams shares his rules of style.

“Clothes maketh the man, but man maketh the choice” is how Williams prefaces our chat about his personal style. Clearly, lyricism comes naturally to Williams – in both song and conversation.

“I like to wear my jeans tight,” he explains, “I like to be reminded of the parameters of my body. It makes me feel more complete.”

His style icon is Marlon Brando and he oscillates between wearing his jeans with sneakers and boots.

“I never would’ve worn jeans and sneakers when I was younger, but these days I enjoy gauging my own reaction to decisions my former self never would have made.”

He doesn’t have a hard-and-fast uniform when it comes to performing, but he doesn’t shy away from a good Canadian tuxedo. Usually, he’ll be sweating through it by the end of a show – “Which is OK, most of the time”.

A heart-wrenching ballad isn’t the only thing Williams can compose – his handsome, rebel-tinged style is just as artfully crafted.

Here, he shows us how to adopt denim in the coolest way possible.


Jacket, $1650, by Dior Homme; pants, $450, by Acne Studios; and shoes, $150, by G-Star.

1. Bring your denim into 2018 by investing in a piece that’s stamped with the logo of your favourite brand. Logomania is here to stay, so don’t fight it – buy it. There’s no better way to feel part of the team.


Coat, $3800, by Gucci; jacket, $1575, by Paul Smith; top, $100, by Levi’s; pants, $364, by Fabric-Brand & Co. at Mr Porter; shoes, $365, by Josephs Shoes.

“I really fell in love with this Gucci jacket. I’m a sucker for an overcoat.”

Jacket, $299, by Calvin Klein Jeans; pants, $380, and sunglasses, $460, both by Acne Studios.

“Wearing double denim is fantastic. I’ve also been known to indulge in  the trifecta, on occasion.”


Jacket, $2560, and pants, $850, both by Giorgio Armani; shirt, $270, by Paul Smith; T-shirt, $135, by Acne Studios; shoes, $365, by Josephs Shoes.

When it comes to cuffing jeans, opt for a broader, single fold.  But don’t go  too short – the ankle-freezer has run its course – making way for a longer, wider hem.


Jacket, $1350, and pants, $1150, both by Dior Homme; shirt, $455, shoes, $405, both by Paul Smith.

Jacket, $1350, and pants, $1150, both by Dior Homme; shirt, $455, shoes, $405, both by Paul Smith.

Jacket, $260, by G-Star; and shirt, $740, by Prada.

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