• David Connolly

The 4 Rules Of Wearing Double Denim

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

No Canadian tuxedos here - pair with style and substance.

We take you through the rules of double denim, with our four pointers that will help you avoid a style faux pas.

1. Taupe is a progressive combo with pale washes or white denim. Wear with tonal accessories such as a chocolate belt and boots to toughen it up.

2. Freshen a heavy look with a white denim jacket. Darkened, brushed hardware ensures this one will only get better with age.

3. Pay homage to the ’80s (and ’90s) by keeping it classic with matching washes. A thick belt and polished boots introduce a rock’n’roll- type spin.

4. White jeans don’t have to be preppy. Team a dark jacket with aged shoes for a more grungy edge.

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